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August 4, 2016

Excavation: What You Need to Know

Excavation is most likely to happen wherever construction work is being done. Excavation is one of the most important and basic construction technique being done wherever construction is present. Construction work is done first by digging out the soil where the construction work is being done. Excavation work is always done first, as you can’t begin construction without digging out first the soil in which your site is situated. Other construction companies use the process of excavation to replace the soil on the site with a soil that is much better suited for the site.

Excavation machines and digging equipments are now in use in modern excavation techniques today. Today, less time is taken to excavate a site because of the continually improving technology that is in use by construction firms. This is especially true of excavation, where the use of excavation equipments and digging machines have made the process much easier to conduct.

As far as excavation is concerned, there are a different types of excavation methods being used, and some of these are listed below.

One process of excavation is horizontal excavation, and this type of excavation is used on shallow sites that don’t have a lot of neighboring buildings and has ample natural light. Horizontal excavation provides little to no structural damage, and is of course, done horizontally. Another excavation method is vertical excavation. In constructing buildings, vertical excavation is another type of excavation method that is one of the more common methods used. Urban areas with large sites and in the midst of a lot of buildings are sites that are well suited to this type of excavation method. In this excavation method, individual layers of the site are exposed on at a time, revealing layers of rock and soil.

Hybrid excavation is an excavation technique that utilizes both horizontal and vertical excavation methods.

Each excavation method above is done by actually planning beforehand, rather than just randomly digging into the earth. Various factors are always present in a site that requires you to study it beforehand before digging down to work. Hiring a professional excavation company ensures that you are using certified and tested methods of excavation. Professional excavation companies also have well versed and highly trained individuals that can do the job for you.

When you want your excavation job to be done fast, accurately and right, it is also highly recommended that you use complex digging equipments and machinery for your excavation job. Excavation companies include digging equipments as part of their services. Excavation jobs that make use of digging equipments and machineries have guaranteed quality work done. Using excavation equipment guarantees that you save on both time and money as they require less manpower and are fast.p

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